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Annie Stanley, All at Sea

Mantle/Pan Macmillan, 2021 

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When unfulfilled teacher Annie’s father dies, she decides to take his ashes – without her family’s consent – on a tour of the 31 sea areas that make up Radio 4’s Shipping Forecast, which she and her father used to listen to together. Her journey, both literal and emotional, reconnects her with old friends and family, and gives her a much-needed chance to re-set her life.

Reviews of Annie Stanley, All at Sea

‘It’s like a big hug in a book’ -- Janice Hallett, author of The Appeal

‘This charming, well-judged debut novel balances seaside kitsch and mordant humour. Deckchair optional’ -- Observer

‘Witty and wise, with wonderful characters. I absolutely loved this book’ -- Katie Fforde, author of A Springtime Affair

‘This bittersweet story about grief has just the right balance of poignancy and humour’ -- Good Housekeeping

‘A journey to rediscover that life really is worth living’ -- OK Magazine

My research trip, from Scarborough to Swanage, Cromarty to Canvey Island 

The Pre-Loved Club
Mantle/Pan Macmillan, 2022

Pre-Loved cover.jpg

Gemma is cup-half-empty. Ned is cup-half-full. Both are newly single parents, after being dumped by their partners. Both feel hurt, damaged and raw. Can they move on? Are they ready to meet someone new? Can they offer each other support and empathy while they get their confidence back? Who will be happy first and what are friends really for? The Pre-Loved Club is set in Brighton & Hove, with Gemma and Ned living at opposite ends of the city. 

Reviews of
The Pre-Loved Club

‘Full of heart, achingly funny and wryly observed.

I loved it!’ -- Miranda Dickinson,

author of All My Love

‘Writing with wit and empathy, Teddern completely draws the reader in’-- Sussex Life

‘A bittersweet, grown-up romcom that

tells it like it is’ -- Frances Quinn,

author of That Bonesetter Woman

‘The Pre-Loved Club is huge fun and just like real life, but with more jokes’ -- Eva Carter,

author of Owner of a Lonely Heart

‘This relatable and bittersweet novel is sharply observed and full of warmth and humour’ -- My Weekly

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